What is it that everyone else has?
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I love State Champs.

Best interview.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXLjV5qo0lo

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Interviewer: Now if you have this State Champs pizza, what toppings would you put on it to describe your sound?
Tyler: Buffalo chicken
Evan: Buffalo chicken absolutely
Tyler: Cuz you know we’re spicy… can I swear? We’re spicy as fuck, and like, but we’re still really like, like you’re like damn this is hot but it’s so good.
Evan: But we’d also add hot sauce on there cuz it’s like extra hot
Tyler: Like you know when you’re eating a slice and there’s hot sauce on it and there are some bites without some with? Our music has some hot sauce bites.
Evan: Cuz it’s surprising sometimes
Tyler: Other toppings? eh let’s just go with that… We’re just sassy, we’re saucy, we’re spicy. We are buffalo chicken.

Everybody needs a reason to wake up every morning, mine tomorrow will be ice cream with peaches


For anyone who would possibly want it, here’s the intro song from ADTR’s common courtesy series :D


“why are you taking your laptop into the bathroom”

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